Mark Emmert – Asshat

The NCAA is suing over a recent law passed by the Commonwealth Government of PA that mandates any fines levied by the NCAA related to Jerry Sandusky’s crimes must remain in the Commonwealth.  Ever absent of self-awareness and irony Emmert declares:

NCAA President Mark Emmert released a statement saying that it was important that the organization’s members abide by its rules and that college sports would be “dramatically altered” if others are responsible for deciding what penalties are appropriate.

Of course, abiding by the organization’s rules doesn’t apply to the NCAA administrators themselves.  Mark Emmert certainly didn’t abide by the organization’s rules when he circumvented the organization’s rules for investigating and sanctioning members, instead choosing to bypass the infractions process and unilaterally hammer Penn State.  Oh, and threatening Penn State with worse if they didn’t agree to sign the Consent Decree without external consultation or in public.

But, hey what does that matter?

This is about an NCAA money-grab and power play.  College athletics will be just fine if the law stands.  However, Emmert is right to worry that his organization is soon to be a relic of history.